Kunst im Zug – Berlin art action

Art action during lockdown: Guerrilla art exhibition on Berlin’s trains.

It has been already one year since the world situation drastically changed due to the pandemic.
In December 2020 the third and harder lockdown began in Germany, and it still going on, with a hope that the situation will get better with the coming of the beautiful season.

The art and culture scene in Berlin, as in the rest of the world, has been on hold for a year.
We are all waiting for the situation to evolve and get better.
I was placing a lot of effort on web networking because I thought it was the only way nowadays to keep creating networks. 
But that’s not true. I want my art to reach people in the real life.

Since galleries and museums are still closed, artists have to find other ways to reach people with art.
After brainstorming with my partner and artist, Yukihiro Taguchi, something popped up in our minds: it was time to stop waiting and start to act!
Why not using the public space?
Why not simply carrying art around the city?
And why not on the public trains and make train’s wagons our galleries? 
And that’s exactly what we did.
So the idea of Kunst im Zug was born.
The concept is very simple: guerrilla art exhibitions on trains.

On Sunday the 14th of February, the artists Yukihiro Taguchi, Marnie Feuerriegel, Linda Havenstein and I started the Kunst im Zug movement.
There are no rules against bringing your art with you on the train, and the feedback from the people we met during the action was extraordinarily positive. Even the two young police officers we have met in a station in Kreuzberg had a good and warm reaction.
So people, Kunst im Zug!

We repeat the action every Sunday in Berlin, and you can participate anytime just taking your art with you on the train, it doesn’t matter if we are not on the same wagon, or train, or city. 
Wherever you are, whatever art or design you are creating, join Kunst im Zug!

Visit Kunst im Zug Instagram to follow the movement and be updated on the next actions.
I hope to meet you on the train, rolling art together!

Balance as a freelance artist

My tips for surviving as a full-time artist and balancing productivity and self-time.

Art is a business.
It is not just twinkles and colors, but also marketing, planning, production, selling, shipping, and all that stuff that may sound boring but still necessary.

As a full-time artist and the only person in my small business, I have learned, and keep learning, to extricate myself between the duty and the pleasure of this job.
I thought about the possibility to have a gallery or an agent to care about all the bureaucracy and paperwork, leaving to me just the joy of pure creation.
But I have chosen to deal personally with the people, managing by myself the production and the selling of my artwork. This because I want my art to remain accessible not only to a niche of wealthy collectors but to everyone who wishes to admire my works on the walls of their own houses.
Day by day I roll up my sleeves and organize my time to administrate every aspect of my artist profession. And believe me, it is really easy when the boundary between job and passion is bland, ending to work seven days a week, 12 hours a day or more.
But I am a lover of self-time, the time for rest and leisure. I cannot and do not want to give up on it.
How do I manage it?


Yes. Planning is the golden rule.
A bit for my engineering studies, a bit perhaps for a personal predisposition, I admit that I enjoy creating to-do lists. 
Lists and plans, short and long term. I usually plan the year goals, the monthly ones, and every week I make a detailed plan for every day. Maniacal? Maybe, but this allows me to keep always at least one day of the week free for the necessary leisure.
And as a day rule, no work after dinner! Also because, maybe for my Sicilian genes, after eating my belly steals all the energy to my brain.


To keep the mood up, it is absolutely needful to gratify and reward yourself after the hard work, to remember the simple and beautiful things that are the purpose of our efforts.
I don’t want to sound like an Italian cliche, but a good meal (even better if shared with the people we love) always remembers us that the essential is simple, and we are lucky to have it because it is not granted, even if we sometimes forget it.
A nice warm bath or a long shower works just as well for me, face masks, body oils, and so on! Self-care and the exclusive me-time as a reward for the hard work.


Sport and movement are also essential for me, although the Berlin winter makes me particularly lazy. But even just half an hour of physical activity or a little stretching in the morning before starting the day is enough to have more energy, and everything flows much more smoothly.
Dancing? Everyday. Yes, I know, the world pandemic made clubs close and who knows when they will reopen. But that certainly can’t stop us from shaking the body. Dancing helps me to release negative vibes and replaces them with energy and happiness.
I dance everywhere, walking on the street, in line at the supermarket, in the studio, at home alone.
And of course, just to bring out another Italian cliché, I sing! And loudly!
At home, in the shower, while working, in the park, on the bicycle.
And after that, I’m feeling much better.
Just try it!

That’s more or less how I try to survive as a full-time artist.

I hope you enjoyed my tips!
And you? How do you manage to balance productivity and self-time?
I would be really happy to read your thoughts about it.

my pleasure, my strength – exhibition

The year is just started, and it couldn’t start better.
I’m happy to announce my next exhibition at the beautiful venue of Diwein in Berlin.

My pleasure, my strength
The time of hedonism as a time of self-knowledge.

This selection of works that the artist has created during 2020 in Berlin investigates how the time we dedicate to ourselves, the personal time of pleasure, the exclusive time of the ego, helps us to acquire a greater knowledge of our spirit and our body, leading to self-empowerment.

When: from 7th January (shop opening time)
Where: Diwein, Metzer Str. 2, 10405 Berlin

Tomorrow I will be there hanging my paintings between delicious bottles of wine, they couldn’t be in better company.
So if you are in Berlin and you were just thinking about a great bottle of wine combined with art, come to visit the exhibition!

grazie 2020

Eccoci qua alla fine di uno degli anni più disastrosi della storia.

Non ho intenzione di riepilogare la serie di catastrofi che si sono susseguite nel corso del 2020.
In realtà voglio solo dire grazie, perché questo 2020, nonostante tutto, è stato per me un buon anno.

In quest’anno speciale appena passato ho avuto la fortuna di trovare un atelier fantastico, condiviso con grandi artisti e amici. Sono davvero riconoscente allo Studio4 a Friedrichshain, e a tutto ciò che questo posto magico mi ha regalato, alle persone che ha portato sul mio cammino, inspirandomi e sostenendomi personalmente e artisticamente.

In quest’anno così difficile per tutti, particolarmente per gli artisti freelancer, sono davvero grata di essere riuscita a sopravvivere continuando a fare quello che più amo.
So che poter vivere d’arte è una fortuna.

Un anno fa decidevo di voler dipingere ritratti. E il 2020 mi ha dato la possibilità di ritrarre gente splendida e di imparare e migliorare questa pratica. Grazie a voi che avete creduto in me e mi avete permesso di dipingervi così come io vi vedo.
In questo nuovo anno appena cominciato ci saranno molti altri ritratti nel mio cammino d’artista ed io non vedo l’ora.

E il 2020 è stato anche pieno di progetti d’animazione (che condividerò presto pubblicamente), portando questo mezzo ad essere una parte fondamentale del mio lavoro.
L’animazione frame by frame è una fatica, ma ogni volta che guardo il lavoro concluso dimentico l’affanno nel creare quell’incredibile numero di disegni che compongono quei pochi minuti di magia.

Grazie a Svenja (Cochaine) che mi ha spinto ad esplorare con l’arte un’intimità ed un erotismo libero e puro.
Grazie a Marnie (Marnie Feuerriegel) che mi ha portato ad ampliare la visione più introspettiva e spirituale nella mia pratica artistica.
Grazie a tutta la gente che mi spinto a definire e rafforzare i miei confini, a credere nel mio valore per difenderlo.

Dunque grazie 2020.
2021, io sono pronta.

Portrait commission – 42×59,4 cm, mixed media on paper, 2020
“Water above sky below now” – frame by frame digital animation, 2020
Tre donne e un gatto” – 42×29,7cm, ink and charcoal on paper, 2020

Nuovo atelier – Studio 4

Ed è passato già quasi un mese da quando ho trasferito baracca, carta, colori e pennelli allo Studio 4, nel cuore di Friedrichshain.
Ho trascorso 5 anni a dipingere nel mio appartamento, in uno spazio ritagliato sotto la finestra della camera da letto, ed è andata benissimo. Sono affezionata a quel davanzale che ho riempito di piante e sporcato di gocce di colore, e devo confessare che mi piaceva lavorare in pigiama, soprattutto lungo gli scuri inverni berlinesi. Ma quest’anno ho sentito fosse giunto il momento di uscire dalla mia confort zone pigiamosa e rischiare un po’ di più, investendo su me stessa e sul mio lavoro.
Così eccomi qui, nello studio in Samariterstraße 4, condiviso con altri artisti e designer fantastici e non potrei essere più convinta che sia stata la decisione giusta.
Quindi se vi trovate a Berlino, passate a trovarmi, la mia scrivania è giusto accanto la finestra.

Studio 4 – Samariterstraße 4, 10247 Berlin



Il 2019 è stato una fatica.

Ho sgobbato un sacco, davvero, rimboccata le maniche e olio di gomito, dalla Sicilia, a Berlino fino in Giappone. Mi sono sempre detta che per arrivare a farcela come artista, per arrivare a sostenerti con l’arte, ci fosse un solo modo: lavorare, lavorare e lavorare sodo, senza fermarsi. Non sono una stacanovista anzi, sostengo che il riposo e il diletto siano essenziali per un sano equilibrio mentale necessario, a mio parere, alla creazione. Inoltre se lavoriamo tutto il tempo senza vivere, da dove dovremmo mai prendere lo spunto creativo per fare arte? Dunque impegno continuo, e poi il riposo ed il diletto.

Detto ciò, questo 2019 è stato davvero impegnativo, forse l’anno più operoso ad oggi. E si sono stanca, ma sono anche grata e felice, perché alla fine ogni sforzo è stato ripagato. E non credere, non è che sia stato facile. I momenti in cui ho pensato di rinunciare, o quelli in cui ho pensato che non ne valesse la pena, che fosse tutta fatica sprecata, ce ne sono stati molti, e continueranno ad essercene. Eppure sono contenta di non essermi fermata.

E lo scrivo adesso qui per ricordarmelo, che va bene così, procedere con calma, senza alcuna fretta, l’importante è non fermarsi.

discuvry kanaiwa
Discuvry in Kanaiwa – 2019 Art Residency, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

kanaiwa diary 21 merge
Kanaiwa Diary, 2019 Art Residency, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

kanaiwa diary 17 merge
Kanaiwa Diary, 2019 Art Residency, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Kikkake, Okinawa concert, 2019 – picture by Yuta Nakama

Kikkake, Okinawa concert, 2019 – picture by Yuta Nakama

Diva – Exhibition at AnkoKai, Berlin


I’m happy to announce my next exhibition, in the frame of the fantastic and sparkling AnkoKai event!

On this occasion I will show a series of portraits of the AnkoKai’s beauties and performers, queer, colors and lipstick!

The portraits are inspired by Alberto Granzotto photos.


When: 6th April 2019, 20-01h

Event: Anko-Kai vol. 106 いろいろやりまっせSP🌸

♥♥♥ Party for hairy Geishas and Yakuzas with boobs ♥♥♥

Where: Club der polnischen Versager, Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin

Facebook: AnkoKai


Mama: Mitani Nobuhiro a.k.a. Nobué

Dj: Parisienne Sasazuka

Dance Performance: Rieko Okada


I will be happy to meet you there and drink a glass (or two, three, four…) together!

Cheers and glitters,



Coffee Spoon – exhibition in Berlin

I am so happy to announce my first solo exhibition in Berlin!

The show is gonna happen in the sweet venue of Chouquette Cafè, in Friedrichshain, and I’m gonna exhibit a new illustrated story created specially for the event.

My work focuses on the narration of empathy into people’s stories through images, that’s why for this occasion I wanted to create a story that could be narrated on the walls of a Berlin café in a natural way, as if it had always been there, a story that surrounds people silently but intensely.

Coffee Spoon is a story suspended in the time of one coffee.
Has it already happened or is it happening right now?

If you are in Berlin come to say hi, drink wine and listen the beautiful music by End of Dimension!

Coffee Spoon

Illustrated Story by Chiara Ciccarello

Vernissage: 7 Dec 2018, 19-22h _ Live Music by End of Dimension from 20:30

Exhibition: 8-20 Dec 2018, 10-18h (monday closed)

Looking forward to meeting you there!

coffee spoon INSTA-1.jpg

Soft City – Exhibition at Schloss Biesdorf, Berlin

I’m pleased to announce our participation in the group exhibition SOFT CITY, at Schloss Biesdorf, Berlin.

For this show I collaborated with a great artist, my art sensei, and last but not least my husband, Yukihiro Taguchi. We have been all around the east neighborhood of Berlin, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, drawing and shooting a stop-motion animation video, watching the city through a glass window…got curious? Come to see our short movie and installation at the exhibition!

The VERNISSAGE on Friday the 7th.
Music Live: End of Dimension
Performance: Yuji Ueno
+ Japanese Tea Ceremony

WHEN: from 7th September 2018 till 25th January 2019

WHERE: Schloss Biesdorf, Alt Biesdorf 55, 12683 Berlino

More info at the Facebook event page here: SOFT CITY – STADT & KUNST // JAPAN & BERLIN

Works by:
Florian Baron/Jenny Fadranski,
David Bauer, Linda Havenstein
Masaru Iwai,
Titus Spree,
Yukihiro Taguchi/Chiara Ciccarello
Katsuhito Nakazato/Sugano Matsusaki
Yuji Ueno
Concept and Curatos: Titus Spree, Linda Havenstein, Karin Scheel