Open Studio EXHIBITION in Berlin.

Don’t let the end-of-summer sadness take over!
The Fall season is here with its enchanting evolutions and shifts that will bring you closer to the best version of yourself.
And we are ready to welcome all these transformations with our seasonal Open Studio!

I wait for you as always at our charming atelier Studio4 in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin.
Come to see our last creations directly in the space where the magic happens, and stay for a chat and a glass of wine!


Open Studio: Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th October 2023, 12h-18h
Finissage: Friday 6th October, 17h-21

Studio4 – Samariterstr. 4, 10247 Berlin

Looking forward to meeting you!


Open Studio EXHIBITION in Berlin.

I am happy to invite you to join us at the most cheerful, colorful, and heartwarming Open Studio of the year!
Cause we love to celebrate all year, but in Summer we do it better!

Come to visit our magic atelier, the sanctuary of creation, the only and unique Studio4 in the heart of Friedrichshain, town.
I will be delighted to show you my last works, chill, chat, and have an icy drink with you on our street terrace while enjoying the Summer in town!

Open Studio: from Monday 19th June to Thursday 22nd June, 12h-18h
Finissage party: Friday 23rd June – 17h-21

Studio4 – Samariterstr. 4, 10247 Berlin

Looking forward to meeting you!

Exhibition in Barcelona

‘UNSUBMISSIVE GAZES’ – Flipa art gallery

Happy to announce that my work “Whisky and Vitamins” has been selected for the group exhibition
curated by Suboart Magazine and hosted by Flipa Art Gallery.

If you are in Barcelona, pop by to see a beautiful collection of works 

“that question the conventional male gaze and imagine new ways of seeing and looking at the body, and that open a door for new, subversive representations of the human figure and desire.”

and meet me at the opening for a glass of wine and a good chat!

Opening 25.05.2023 – 19H
FLIPA Art Gallery· Passeig del Born, 14

«The first feminist gesture is to say: “OK, they’re looking at me. But I’m looking at them”. The act of deciding to look, of deciding the world is not defined by how people see me, but how I see them» (Agnès Varda, Filmer le désir: voyage à travers le cinéma des femmes, 2000). For centuries, art history, film and visual culture have been shaped by an hegemonic and omnipresent gaze, anchored in the patriarchal system, that has dominated the representation of the body and constructed our way of looking at the world. To decide which bodies are seen and which are made invisible, and above all the ways in which they are presented, has been a choice available to few, employed to further a very particular way of seeing, objectifying and sentencing these bodies to passivity and taking away their own gaze. In ‘UNSUBMISSIVE GAZES’, we recover the words of Agnès Varda to perform a collective gesture towards the deconstruction of the hegemonic gaze and lay out a set of alternative approaches: new ways of seeing and seeing ourselves, of reappropriating images and opening spaces where other forms of representation are possible.

This collective exhibition brings together a group of works from different mediums —photography, painting, installation and sculpture— that imagine different perspectives of the body and unfold new dynamics between looking and being looked at. Through pieces that explore violence, intimacy, ableism, body diversity or the ideas around femininity/masculinity, we aim to instigate new points of view and fracture the singular, reductive gaze that crystallizes the body and converts it into an empty object.

Exhibition Opening: 25th of May 2023 – 19H

FLIPA Art Gallery
Passeig del Born, 14, Barcelona

qweer spring market

Meet the queer community in Berlin

I am delighted to invite you to the most cheerful, colorful,
and open-minded market in town!


Happy to be part of the queer Berlin community with my art!
You can not miss this wonderful event, more than 100 Queer-owned stands between artists, designers, and no-profit activists, and an amazing line-up of performances, music, shows, and workshops that will blow your mind!

Sunday 23rd April 2023 • 13h-21h

Festsaal Krezberg • Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin

You can find more info about the event here.
Follow the Qweer Market Instagram profile for updates.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Life as an independent artist

As my dear Berliner supporters already know, for some years I am part of Berlin’s community of independent artists who weekly roll their sleeves up and bring their work to the local market to meet the townies.

I love to set up my pop-up gallery to present my work to the world passing by.
It is a fruitful display window and a great opportunity to get feedback about my art. 

I discovered that being an autonomous artist and selling my work without intermediates is the way that works better for me. And in my personal experience, collectors are always happy to purchase art directly from the artist and have the chance to have a good chat about it. 

Said that I want kindly invite you to distrust whoever else is offering to sell my work. I unfortunately had already a couple of experiences with theft and plagiarism of my art. So I take this occasion to reiterate that if you would like to buy my work, the only way to do it is directly from the artist, that is me 🙂 through my online shop, visiting me at my studio in Berlin, or the markets.

Here is a list of Berlin markets where you can find me and spend a pleasant day between art, vintage clothes, and antique treasures:

RAW Fleamarket in Friedrichshain, Berlin:
every Sunday unless there’s the storm of the century 😉

Qweer Spring Market:
Sunday the 23rd of April 2023

Weddingmarkt, art and design market:
Sunday the 8th of October 2023

Save the dates and follow me on Instagram for updates.


new painting

 Gin and Tarot 

I am so happy to finally conclude my painting series “Coven” with the 3rd and last babe freshly ultimate to honor the end of winter!
Keen to present to you my last creation:

Gin and Tarot
acrylic paint on paper
84×59,4 cm

What a journey! Three years after “Whisky and Vitamins” my technique has naturally evolved to more refined, dry brush nuances and small details craziness.
So here we are people! Enjoy this last intimate gaze inside the most colorful, queer, sex-positive apartment of our dreams.

Prints of “Gin and Tarot” are available on my online shop, to get its vibes directly into your home!


Open Studio EXHIBITION in Berlin.

I am so thrilled to invite you to our fabulous Studio4 in Friedrichshain for our
Spring artsy gathering!
See our last creations in the magic atelier and chat about springs on alien worlds and subversive life visions…or whatever passionates you!

The exhibition: from Monday 20th March to Thursday 23rd March – 12h-18h
Finissage party: Friday 24th March – 17h-21h

Studio4 – Samariterstr. 4, 10247 Berlin

Looking forward to meeting you!


Open Studio MARKET in Berlin.

Winter, this time of the year when darkness and cold invite us to take a moment for rest, self-care, and realize that shadow and light are always coexisting, two concepts that can not be separated.
And if now it seems hard to see the brightness inside yourself, try to remember that out there there is an infinite universe, shining forever above us.
So let’s get together to celebrate and give strength to each other because each of us is a powerful galaxy, an explosion of love!
Yes, bit cheesy but you know I’m an incurable romantic.

Friday 16th December 2022 • 16h-21h

Studio4 – Samariterstr. 4, 10247 Berlin

Looking forward to meeting you!

2022 i love you, but bye!

end of the year online sale

 Oh yes, it is already that time of the year, my dear!

Time for the so long awaited
Original artworks and prints for sale on my online shop,
up to 30% off
from now till the end of the year!

Get your favorite piece or find the perfect gift for your dears.
And remember to order your Christmas presents in time!